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  • 10 Signs for a Corrupted Marriage

    10 Signs for a Corrupted Marriage

    When the happiest days of your life are targeted, your wedding days come first. A wedding day is filled with momentous journeys and a happy future for two people. Sadly, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, some things come to an end eventually. With that being said, not all marriages are “successful,” it takes a…

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  • Dream Wedding Dress

    12 Crucial Tips to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

    Dream Wedding Dress Congratulations! If you have been dreaming about your wedding dress since you were a little girl, and now it’s time to make it come true. It’s a wonderful experience to find the wedding dress of your dreams, and don’t feel so nervous, just embrace it. Read on, here are 12 tips to…

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  • Flower Garden Tips

    Flower Garden Tips to Make Your Garden Fabulous

    If your garden is a bed of dead flowers and is a disaster with mountains of mulch, then you have come to the right place. We tell you what to do about it and make it a fabulous looking you see in those fancy magazines. Flower Garden Tips Here are some tips for your garden…

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  • Planning A Wedding

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Planning A Wedding

    Planning A Wedding Planning a wedding is probably the most stressful thing you will get to do (most stressful AFTER prepping for your SATs of course. NOTHING is as stressful as that) and amidst the hustle and bustles, there are many mistakes you are bound to make. So take out your notepads and scribble down…

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  • New Years Eve Party

    10 Rules For An Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

    New Years Eve Party New Year’s Eve! The night of fun and a new life coming up. People are so excited for this single night, that they surely start planning it from a span of month or two. Gathering up your friends at your place, eating and drinking and what not. But this all sounds…

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  • Custom Made Wedding Rings

    5 Advantages of Custom Made Wedding Rings

    Custom Made Wedding Rings A wedding is a holy ceremony that brings together two special people and binds them in the bond of holy matrimony. For an occasion, this large and joyous, wedding rings are made to commemorate and preserve memories forever. Wedding rings are gentle reminders of the beautiful times. However, it is not…

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