10 Signs for a Corrupted Marriage




10 Signs for a Corrupted Marriage


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When the happiest days of your life are targeted, your wedding days come first. A wedding day is filled with momentous journeys and a happy future for two people. Sadly, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, some things come to an end eventually.

With that being said, not all marriages are “successful,” it takes a lot of compromises to run the house. If one person does not want to be the shoulder, what’s the use of walking on a crooked path?

Some certain behavior traits will lead directly to divorce. Let’s dig deep into these signs and predict the future for some marriages:

Ignoring/Not Caring for One Another

There comes a specific moment in a marriage where the couple doesn’t seem to interact like how they used to. This is the very first sign of a corrupted marriage. Successful marriages are always based on extra care and being a good listener.

If you lost your good listening/sharing skills, this could lead to a dead end. The sudden feeling of being ignorant and not taking any interest in your spouse’s life is a sign of “the end.” This is a very common reason why spouses cheat on one another.

Some Things You can’t Change

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into a relationship, some things can never be changed. For instance, your husband/wife can reveal to be/a gay/lesbian. In this scenario, the love you both have for one another is noted, but you cannot accept each other like this. Deep down, you both know that this is never going to work, so you have to call it quits. There is no problem in being gay or a lesbian, the main problem is being heterosexual in a man/woman marriage.

Negative Energy All-Around

It is clear to have “what am I doing” moments in marriage. There often comes a time when we cannot differentiate between the good and the bad times in marriages. However, this is not a worrying issue. But, if this problem increases to an extent, you need to start worrying. To manage one negative reaction, there have to be at least five positive reactions. To make this happen, a serious amount of care and effort is required. If you can’t manage to build up the strength required to make this work, the path is clear for you.

You Are no Longer Physical

Being physical doesn’t always mean sex, sometimes it means being affectionate to one another in innocent ways. This is about hugs, cuddles, hand-holding, cooking together, and playfully teasing each other. When each of those things ends in a relationship, then that is clearly a red flag.

Touching does involve some serious intimate moments, which are very important for the couple to maintain healthy contact with one another. In most cases, divorces are averted due to intimate moments. This is a very subtle way for couples to communicate with each other, and if one forgets to touch, things are expected to take a bad turn.

Addictions Become Unnoticed

It is not a disaster to marry an alcoholic or a drug addict. Ignoring your partner’s addictions can lead to many problems. Your partner deserves AA meetings to get the entire burden out of them. If that doesn’t help, then you have to be the helping shoulder, you need to be the affectionate therapist. Unhandled addictions can lead to destructive moments in marriage. It can be even more unflattering if you have kids. Whenever drugs or alcohol are involved in the relation, the attention from the spouse is diverted to the addictions.

A Lot of Disloyalty

We all know what cheating leads to, it leads to the end. Cheating is a very common cause of disasters. However, that doesn’t mean cheating can never be overcome, it can, but with a lot of apologies, hard work, compassion, and love. If the cheater feels no regret on whatever he/she did, then there is no use in continuing the relationship. If neither of the partners tries to apologize or take responsibility for their mistakes, it is time to let go and move on.

You Don’t Share Secrets Anymore

The best thing about being married to someone is you get to share all the secrets with each other. Sharing secrets is how one bond with another person. Knowing that you have someone at home that always sticks around for you no matter what and knows everything about you can be very pleasing. If something is bothering you or if you have a big secret and you don’t want to share it with your spouse, then that’s a huge no-no. Sharing secrets with one another is how you build a stronger relation, and if that spark is gone, so is your relationship.

The Idea of Leaving Encourages You

This isn’t much of a reason to leave. On the other hand, if you often fantasize about living your best life without your partner, and it makes you feel happy, energized, and even more optimistic, then this is a very clear warning about your marriage’s position. The thought of leaving must never occur to a spouse’s mind unless there is something off about the marriage.

One of you has Already Given Up

If one of you doesn’t want even to try to make the relationship work, it means one of you has given up. One-sided relationships always end poorly. If your spouse refuses to help out, get therapy, or just talk about their feelings/problems, it’s better for you just to walk away. One to a person can’t manage everything, the other one has to pitch in too.

No Use of Therapy

For every couple that has kids, it is important to give at least one try to therapy. However, it can be a very tough challenge if your spouse doesn’t even agree to go to therapy. Still, one of you has to put in extra effort, and if things still don’t work out, you know what to do.

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