10 Rules For An Affordable New Year’s Eve Party



New Years Eve Party


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New Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve! The night of fun and a new life coming up. People are so excited for this single night, that they surely start planning it from a span of month or two. Gathering up your friends at your place, eating and drinking and what not. But this all sounds so expensive yet fun! So, halfworth.com is here to eliminate the word expensive so that you end up with ultimate fun only! Here are 10 rules listed which will turn your happening New Years Eve party into a blast without any higher expenses.


1) Ask People To Bring Their Own Appetizer:

When you are hosting a happening party, at least what your friends can do is grab their own appetizers so it is fun for you as well instead of a burden. Decide among your friends what they are going to add up to the list and end up with many delicious dishes on the table.

2) Create Your Own Champagne Sangria:

Instead of ordering expensive champagne for New Year’s Eve, prepare one at home. This way you are going to save yourself a bit and also, the ingredients you have can be utilized. Because who are we kidding, we know we are going to have A LOT of sangria this night.

All you are going to need is:

  • 3 oz triple sec
  • 3 oz brandy
  • 2 oz rum
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 cup blended strawberries
  • Chopped up fruits
  • Bottle of wine

Just mix all these ingredients in a bowl and prepare unlimited glasses so that you can have all the fun tonight.

3) Write Your Own Predictions For The New Year:

Have fun along with your friends, not by watching television, duh! Get a piece of paper, grab a pen and start predicting the future! Predict what is going to happen in the upcoming year to you or your friends. Laugh out loud, drink and be crazy – because we know its NEW YEARS EVE!

4) Buy or Create An Affordable Outfit:

Check out for sales and discounts on New Year’s Eve. Get yourself a stunning yet classy outfit so that you may look outstanding this crazy night. Or, if you aren’t able to find any affordable on, don’t you panic. You can always do it yourself. Grab any of your old jeans, cut it up to your thigh and today you’ve got a pair of shorts. Now, to pair it up with a top, take any of your cool t-shirts, and tie a knot at the end – sexy yet casual.

5) Take Lots of Pictures:

Takes a lot of snaps, some crazy ones. Collect the pictures of the high school, beach parties and graduation dinner – decorate your place with these hanging all over the ribbons and enjoy your night with a flashback of memories.

6) Play Fun Games:

You have your pals around, get some fun started already. Start playing truth or dare, give funny and crazy dares to your friends to make this day even crazier. Or, start poker and bet cookies or chocolates.

7) Décor The Place:

Decorate the place like a pro without spending out any money. Get some glue, fancy paper, strings, snaps and a pair of scissors. Arrange your place with glitter all around your old and memorable pictures hanging, make it a bit classy with fancy paper origami.

8) Prepare A Speech:

Act like a famous pro at planning such events and prepare as speech to thank all your friends and family for being beside you since the last years and for the upcoming New Year.

9) Be The Charm of The Party:

Play some music and act crazy. Dance, act, and party to your fullest because come on you deserve this! Prepare a standup comedy or get along with karaoke – sing whatever you want to – make a hell of a party!

10) Start The Countdown – and Make it Memorable:

Make this countdown memorable and classy. Say it loud out and make a resolution for the upcoming year. Happy New Year!

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