Jobs That New Moms Can Do To Earn Some Money




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New Moms Can Do To Earn Some Money

Have you welcomed a new angel in your home? Yes. Then first CONGRATULATIONS. You are happy, your hubby is on top of the world, and the entire family on both sides are happy. Is it four months? Then you must have understood it is a full time. Enticing, thrilling the tasks are, you do for the new-born and they make you feel at top of the world. However, the job does not come with a salary. For middle-class families, the times can be hard to make ends meet. But yes, even new moms can make some money from home. How? Read this article of jobs that new moms can do to earn money.

Please note, at the initial stages, the earning can be very modest. But override the difficulties and challenges, you can earn hundreds and thousands.


Take Tuitions

Do you have supportive in-laws at home? Are you an MBA in mathematics and analysis? Then you can advertise to your near and dear ones regarding tuitions. Any student in the neighbourhood or relation, he/she can come to your home and get their doubts solved.

Stitching Clothes

Fashion is a big word. After Ms. Sushmita Sen won Mrs. Universe pageant, India and Asian countries have seen a phenomenal increase in teenagers updating to the recent fashion trend. And the television competition programs such as Super Singer, have only enhanced the sale of beauty brands.

Are you an expert at stitching clothes, sarees or blouses? Then update yourself on the recent fashion in clothes and start your own home store. Yes, you may need a sewing machine. But the returns are profitable.


Are you a software programmer? Then you can design a blog on your own. Start writing the articles on your favorite subject. It can be regarding pregnancy, martial arts or cooking. Study the writing of other websites and inculcate on your own. You can use a free WordPress platform and try GoDaddy for hosting.

Freelance Writing

Do you feel commitment is risky? Then opt for freelance writing jobs. You can get jobs aplenty because there are websites which are in need of content writers, ghost writers and writing of any type. Please note, you can get paid by the hour, or as per the project.


Do you have skills with the camera? Are you also adept at Photoshop? Then on a vacation, take your camera along. You can mint money by selling to image sites such as There are also similar websites such as Dreamstime, iStock and Squeequee.

Bake Items

Bake Items

Are you good at cooking? Baked items are a hot necessity today because of numerous events such as birthday party, weddings, corporate events and many more. You can advertise your services for free via social media platforms such as Facebook.

Be a Baby Sitter

Do you stay in an apartment? Do you have neighbours who have kids and they are working parents? Then you can volunteer to look after their kids with your angel. Yes, ensure that you look into their habits and age.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Are you good in graphic design? Then you can rent out your services for video editing and photo editing. You can also design logos for various websites and companies.

Garage/Yard Sales

Do you have a garage? Big enough? Then check if anyone is interested to put a sale for some items. If you have a college in the adjoining area, then you can let clothes exhibition and food exhibition happen in the garage.

Rent Your Car

Do you have an extra car in your home? Then rent it to a cab service provider who is connected with corporate companies. Yet, hiring a trustworthy driver to make some cash.

Rent a Room

The entire world has gone global. You find scores of students who go to every corner of the world to learn, to research on new culture. So, if you have an extra room in your home, or an outhouse or a room on the top floor, you can give it for rent.



There are some courses such as teachers’ training which need an extensive drawing of images. The same applies to engineer courses. Not many have good drawing skills. So you can advertise online your skills and get paid for the drawing you do for projects.

English Coaching

English Coaching

Are you good in English? Do you have an English coaching institute near your home? Ask them if there is a vacancy for a part-time tutor.

Opinion Polls

Opinion Polls

There may be multiple opportunities for this type of job in the US and developed countries, but even in India and Asian countries, the trend has started. If you are in the US, you can try on websites such as Harris Poll Online, Swagbucks, and Global Test Market. And these websites are free.

Online Store

You can also design an online store from your home. It is easy to make part-time and full-time income with online stores. You can get valuable updates from Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart.


Please note, working for other clients may need an organization of your daily duties, self-discipline and focus on getting the job completed. Yes, trial and errors will come in the initial stages, but you have to be consistent to succeed.

Money saved is money earned. So, also keep an eye on the maintenance and service of home appliances in your home. There are appliances which may need a maintenance after six months or one year. Ensure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer’s manual. Or else, when an expensive home appliance like a fridge goes on repair, the bills may run too high figures. And do not spend too much of time on thinking about the negatives and positives. When you want to do a job, just complete it.

Let us imagine a situation. You stay in Hyderabad and your daughter is only six months old. Your in-laws are coming and the maid is on leave. So, you have a pile of clothes to wash. Instead of doing it yourself, opt for the best online laundry services in Hyderabad. You can check for the companies which offer doorstep services and book a service via their app. In this method, you can easily get the clothes washed, dried and ironed. Your in-laws will have a comfortable stay at your house.

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