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New moms always tend to feel insecure and ineligible for their roles. They assume they are not suitable to handle someone’s life when they do not know what to do. Here is where other people’s words of encouragement and gratitude come in. They help uplift the mother’s spirit. Also, they let her know that she is performing well even though it may not be flawless.

In this article, let us discuss the answer to the question- “what to say to a new mom?” to put her mind at ease. 

1. “You look gorgeous!”

Most new moms think they look and become haggard after giving birth to their children and looking after them all the time. It can get owed to their lack of sleep and hygiene. Such a thought process makes them lose trust in their outward appearance. 

Thus, it is essential to comprehend the answer to the question- “how do you compliment a new mom?” The best way is to assure them that they have not become ugly even though they have not had time to look after themselves. In many cases, it also helps quench the hidden hatred the new moms may have garnered towards their children. 

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2. “Your child is extremely well-behaved!”

New mom
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As one can expect from the name assigned to the women, new moms are “new” at everything related to childbirth and care. Hence, they may make mistakes during their child’s upbringing. However, it is not these faults that should get pointed out. They fall under what not to say to a new mom

Instead, you can highlight and appreciate the new mother’s astounding job execution in developing her child’s personality and manners. Valuing a kid’s good behavior can make their mothers feel proud and appreciated.  

3. “Allow me to help you.”

New mothers have numerous things to take care of and handle. It can encompass the housework, the child’s upbringing, education, hygiene, and other elements. Hence, even a seemingly-insignificant ray of help can bring them immense happiness. 

Suppose a person proposes to help them. In that case, the new mothers can become exceedingly happy no matter how insignificant that assistance may be. Thus, you can offer to play with the baby or change their diapers a few times.

However, you must be someone close to the mother or the child to offer your help. Otherwise, the notion would get rejected without any thought. 

4. “It will get easier.”

The stage a new mother goes through after childbirth can become exceedingly overwhelming and monotonous for them. Furthermore, they may think that the moment of hardship would continue forever. Hence, it is necessary to be careful when deciding what to say to a new mom after birth

Overall, it is crucial to let them know that the strenuous time will inevitably end when the child grows up. It provides significant comfort to the new moms, knowing they do not have to deal with the suffering indefinitely. 

5. “What a beautiful and cute child!”

New mom
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Their children are a source or symbol of joy and accomplishment for all new mothers. It allows them to see the best in the kid and love them with all their hearts. 

Hence, they feel exceedingly satisfied when someone shares their viewpoint with them. Appreciating the child’s inner and outer qualities can make their mothers happy and contended. 

So, if you ponder what to say to congratulate a new mom, merely praising her child would do wonders. 

6. “Do you require a break?”

Most new moms think that they have the responsibility of handling everything by themselves and without any help. However, that is not the scenario. They can seek help and take as many breaks as required. After all, self-care is one of the most vital elements of any person. 

Since new moms do not know they can seek help and take breaks, letting them comprehend the concept aids them considerably. You can offer to look after the child while the mother has some “me-time” to herself. She can sleep or party in her leisure time, spending it however she wants. 

7. “It is ok not to love your child at all times.”

New moms think they must love their children unconditionally and forgive them for all their mistakes. However, it becomes impossible for them to do so after several sleepless nights and struggles to correct the kid’s behavior. 

Here comes the query- “what to say to a new mom who is struggling?” You can inform the mother that the sudden bouts of hatred towards their children are ok. It does not make them become a “bad mom.”

8. “It is fine to feel lost at times.”

Since new mothers experience everything for the first time, it is standard for them not to know how to handle a few things. They may feel lost and incapable at those times. 

It is necessary to let new moms know it is ok to feel so. No one is perfect and has control over everything. Instead, they can use that feeling as a reminder for some me-time to enjoy life. 

9. “We are with you.”

You may want to encourage a new mom and wonder what to say to a mother who just had a baby? The words she would appreciate the most are those that would let them know they are not alone.

You can let them know you are willing to be with them through their hardships. It helps encourage the mother mentally and emotionally. Such feelings get enhanced when another experienced mom says it to them because the former has been where the latter stands today. 

10. “You are the precise parent your child requires.”

New moms tend to feel low and think they are not the parent their child needs. Then, you may ponder – “What to say to encourage a mother?

The answer to that question is easy. You can make the new moms understand that the child needs “their mother” and not the “perfect mother.” The gesture may seem insignificant, but it helps restore the mom’s lost pride and confidence.

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