Critical Periods in Your Unborn Baby’s Development




Critical Periods in Your Unborn Baby’s Development


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There are many great moments in everyone’s life that we count as the best moment. But what we don’t consider is that such remarkable events start happening before we are even born.

So today we will be looking into those periods which must occur for the healthy development and growth of a baby while it is still in the womb.


The first stage is a period when the sperm fertilizes the egg, and that is known as the germinal period. This fertilization causes a cell which is called a zygote which divides and form a ball of cells which is known as a blastocyst.  This ball of cells attaches itself to the uterine wall in the uterus.

When the blastocyst reaches the uterus and acclaims its attachment, it begins to be known as an embryo. From here the embryo starts responding to different cues and began to form cells which eventually develop into organs and other body parts.

For instance, the arms and legs develop around the time of the 30th day while the heart matures into its form by the 5th week.

Every organ has its own time limit, and they work according to that. If anything goes wrong during the embryonic stage, then the organ does not develop correctly.

When the period is about 10th week, the embryo changes into a fetus. At this stage, the body is well formed, and the fetus starts looking very much like a little person.

From this stage onward, we must put special care and attention to the development of the fetus because organs like the brain and the nervous system take much longer to develop and they must be provided their necessary nourishment.

Challenges – Drugs and Infections:

We must take proper care while the fetus is developing. The care we can give is in the form of medicines we take and the precaution we take to avoid any kind of infection which may lead to the intake of any harmful to fetus medicines.

For example, there was a medicine which was given to expecting mothers for morning sickness which resulted in the deformed limbs when the child was born. Later that medicine was used for treating cancer.

Here one point also arises that deformation of limbs or another birth defect is not solely the cause of medicine.

Also, drugs have a severe effect on the mental and immunity development of the unborn child. Usage of drugs like alcohol, marijuana and other drugs may result in the child in lacking behind on their milestones and development.

A Healthy Unborn Child:

It is the utmost responsibility of the mother to provide maximum care to the unborn child. It can be done by taking proper medicines which are recommended by the doctors. Regular check-ups and knowing what you are taking or what your doctor is prescribing you is best.

You must look after what you eat and what you do because early development matters the most but also every period has its own development.

You must take the infection-resisting injections but with proper knowledge and also the avoiding of those illnesses which might trigger something dangerous for your unborn baby of yours.

You must remember that if the development goes smoothly then the chances of your child having a healthy life ahead, at least in the early years are very bright.

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