Boast About Your Biggest Parenting Successes



Biggest Parenting Successes


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Biggest Parenting Successes

We live in times of fast communication. Discussions have always been in trend and have gained greater platforms. Thanks to the social media sites and Internet-based forums that have provided a massive platform for all sorts of discussions and we witness them all the time. Parenting is one of the most common topics of discussion and parents from across the globe are interested in these discussions. Some are looking for parenting advice while others want to inspire others with their tested and tried methods that became successful. TV channels also broadcast a number of shows about the parenting skills and discussions. If you are TV-fan, look up ‘Optimum Cable Packages’ on your browser and subscribe to one of the best providers to enjoy a good number of parenting shows.

Boasting about your parenting successes is actually a good practice, provided that you don’t hurt or degrade other parents or their efforts. Bragging in a positive manner can inspire others to try different things that they were not doing before and train their children better. Let’s discuss this further.

Your Boasting Platforms:

You need to choose your boasting platforms carefully. Thankfully, we live in times when we have social networking sites and Internet-based forums are part and parcel of our lives. These effective forums can share information across the globe instantly and can be accessed by everyone and anyone. This is altogether another debate that it can be both an advantage and disadvantage if social media sites are not used properly. Posting things on Twitter or Facebook, in particular, can become questionable or controversial even if posted with good intentions. You need to choose the words carefully while posting stuff on social media platforms. When it comes to the users, you can expect different sorts of reactions to your posts. Be mindful of the audience that you are targeting, when you are haring your kids’ achievements or your parental successes.

Boast in the Present and Not in the Past:

Well, it is time to face the truth. It happens all the time that the things that we wanted to do in our childhood or were our passions in the teens, and we were unable to pursue them, we always want our children to fulfill our dreams for us. This is the kind of feeling that one has when he wants to live through others and in that category; kids come to the mind instantly. For instance, if you wanted to enroll in a dance class in your childhood and that dream never came true and by the end of your teenage, it felt more like a dream. People who know this history about you, and see your little girls enrolling in a dance class and showing some amazing moves will relate these things naturally and readily.

So, before you start flaunting her budding and close to success dance career in front of others, make sure that It doesn’t come off sounding like you are using your own child to do something that you couldn’t do as a child. Avoid expressions like, “Kate’s dancing moves are as flawless as mine used to be when I used to dance in my childhood”, instead the more encouraging one could have been, “Kate’s grace and poise in all those dances twirls and the way she enjoys it remind me of how I used to enjoy dancing as a kid.”

Boast Outside Your Circle:

It is always good not to make bragging comparisons with the children of the same age groups. If you have children from different age groups, and you meet their friends’ parents pretty often, try and do not discuss the success stories of the child that is exactly their child’s age. For instance, if you have a teenager son and you are meeting his friends’ parents, it’s best to brag about the younger child that you have. This gives the impression that you are not directly making comparisons between your and their child. And this is a good practice. You can boast all day long about the success story of the toilet training of your youngest baby with the parents of your 5-year old sons’ friends.

Stay Open to Others’ Suggestions and Achievements:

Well, if you think you make excellent parents and you have done all the training right, it’s alright to boast and inspire others. But at the same time, you should be open to suggestions on parenting skills and achievements of others, and take inspirations from others too. Focus on the larger objectives and that is to become amazing parents and raise incredible children.

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