How to Make a Knotted Bead Necklaces



Knotted Bead Necklaces


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Knotted Bead Necklaces

Many types of Necklaces including pearl necklaces are knotted. If you look closely, you’ll see small knots between each pearl bead. Pearls are not the only accounts hung in this way. Many of your jewelry with finer beads are knotted. Knotted jewelry has some purposes. The knots between the pearls prevent the pearls from rubbing against each other and causing damage. In addition, if the piece is broken, all accounts will not fall, as each one is secured by a knot.

While there is the traditional way of knotting between accounts, there is also an alternative method. It is another way to create a knot and for some people it is easier to do it. Try this technique if you are new to knotting.

First, you must determine the type of cable you want to use. Silk is the choice of traditional knottier.

Many beads complain that silk is prone to snagging and fraying. You can also use nylon cord. It is better to try to match the color of the cord with the color of the beads. You can also choose a contrast color for design reasons and then it will be slightly noticeable. They can be purchased on small cards with approximately 6 feet of cable and an attached needle. For the serious knottier, larger reels can be purchased with separate needles. Both types of cable also come in different sizes. The thicker cord is used for larger beads, since the holes in the beads are larger.

For the alternative technique, two strands are placed through each cord, so a thinner size is needed. For 6mm beads, try two size 2 wire strands for this technique.

First, start a necklace or bracelet as you would normally. Although there are some ways to start a piece of jewelry with beads, the preferred method when using nylon or silk is with beads (clamp shells). The only difference is that two strands of the cord are inserted through the tip of the cord instead of one. You will have two nylon or silk cords tied together and topped with a cord tip opposite that of a common cord.

Once the necklace is started, place it in a bead and, with the two threads of the cord, tie a knot (on the right on the left or on the left on the right). Tighten the knot so that it is pushed against the account.

Continue tying an account, tie a simple knot, place an account and tie a simple knot until it reaches the desired length. That’s. Finish the necklace as you would any beaded necklace, whether it is knotted or not.

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