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My Little Babog Family lifestyle travel blog


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Kellie Kearney is a mother of four children who has established her own travel, parenting, and lifestyle blog named ‘My Little Babog- a family, lifestyle & travel blog‘ which offers interesting and true parenting stories and everything related to their success and failures in parenthood. She updates her fans with quick recipes that are easy to make by almost all parents and kids can love too. Her updates help parents to use their simple and easy-to-follow parenting hacks. This has made mother Kellie Kearney reach the limelight and appear on the top Irish blogs to narrate her experience about what has inspired her to create her travel blog ‘My little Babog,’ her experience with the endorsement brands she’s collaborating with, and what makes her travel blog unique and stand out.

What inspired Kellie Kearney to create her travel blog? 

Kellie Kearney wants to express her lifestyle freely and about her little toddlers on her Facebook page to share with others and try something new on social media platforms. She had never imagined that the blog would receive such an amazing response from the public and turn into one of the most successful blogs.

What makes her blog unique and different from the rest? 

The best-selling point of Kellie Kearney’s travel blog is the honesty on which her blog content is based. People find her blog to be much more relatable, and thus audience feels a real connection with the way she describes her content.

How does Kellie Kearney maintain a balance between connecting with her audience and working with brands? 

The best part about Kellie Kearney’s blog is that she sets honest and genuine examples while working with brands and tells the audience how she uses the products in her everyday family life. She provides an honest opinion about the brand she’s working with without making her followers feel that they’re reading some sort of advertisement. She lets the audience know how she naturally fits the brands and their products in her life.

How does she define the blog’s success? 

As per Kellie, winning the award for Best Parenting blog in Maternity and Infant has been the greatest thing for her, and she feels proud to come across it. She also gives credit for her award to her fans. It is also true that this wouldn’t have happened without the audience and the support. Her followers have shared all the ups and downs of their parenting life, which has greatly inspired her.

What is her advice to the PR? 

She plans and prepares all her blogging content by herself to execute her content marketing plan. She even advices other marketers not to be so formal in their approach. It is better not to include essay-type campaigns and big complex words. She advises PR to keep it personal as well as simple. She narrates that she never discloses her campaigns and sponsorship with whom she is working. She’s a true blogger, and she doesn’t make content based on money only.

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My Little Babog Family lifestyle travel blog

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