Fetal Development At 30 Weeks Pregnant




30 Weeks Pregnant


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30 Weeks Pregnant

In the 30th week of pregnancy, your baby’s body is gradually matured and proportionate. This can be said is the stage where every parent is looking forward to his little angel born. Let the world mother and baby learn about the development of the fetus in this week 30 mothers.


Fetus at 30 weeks of age has developed what compared to the previous time

By the 30th week of pregnancy, the length of the baby is about 36-38 cm from the top to the heel and weighs about 1.33 to 1.35 kg. The baby is growing at about 250g / week from here until 35 weeks. The baby’s brain is growing very fast and the size of the head is growing at this time.

During this week your baby’s eyesight continues to be relatively active, and he or she can aim and open his or her eye constantly during the day. Babies are able to react to light changes by 20/400 normal vision, meaning that they are visible in a few centimeters.

Your baby’s respiratory system thrives, and the baby’s lungs have built-in water that prepares and strengthens the respiratory tract to the outside world. About 1 liter of amniotic fluid surrounds the baby at this time. This water will gradually decrease as the baby grows larger.

In the 30th week of pregnancy, the baby begins to turn his head to the sides, arms and legs and body become more rounded by the fat is accumulated under the skin. Also this week your baby may also wiggle a lot, pedal and somersaults make it difficult to sleep. Be happy when you know that: all these activities show that your baby is healthy and alert.

If it is a boy, the testicles move from the kidney to the groin. If a girl, the clitoris has grown up because the clitoris lips are not large enough to cover. This week the process will be completed in a few weeks before birth.

Things to keep in mind for mom during this period.

Pay Attention To Sudden Activities That Can Cause Back Pain:

When you go down to bed, the first thing is to lie on one side, then use two hands to fight up your body to feel comfortable. Raising the buttocks to the edge of the bed so that it does not stretch too far forward. Make a habit of sitting for a few minutes in bed before standing up. Your may decrease when you change position from lying to standing, do not worry but give the body a few minutes to adapt.

Moderate Diet and Adequate Nutrients:

You should eat light, easy-to-digest and nutritious snacks such as fresh fruits, raw vegetables, grilled baked goods, cereals, crackers, and cheeses. In addition, you also need to drink more water than the normal human body to keep the kidneys functioning well and help the spirit awake.

Use The Camera To Store The Most Precious Moments of The Mother:

If you do not have a camera for yourself then ask your husband to buy you, maybe the baby moment you are about to birth will want to see many times later.

Investment Underwear For Mother Elected:

Although not aesthetic, they are very close friends with you. These pants are designed specifically for mothers whose belly gets bigger and bigger so that they can fit and fit properly while sitting and standing while still feeling comfortable for themselves.

Refer To Your Doctor For Advice on Episiotomy:

If you are going to have a baby, your ego needs to be very elastic to help keep your baby’s head out. If you are too narrow, you need surgery to open the vagina wider. Instead, you can do the exercises on the episiotomy you may not need to touch the cutlery again.

Make A List of Things To Bring To The Hospital:

In addition to a few suits and personal hygiene items, the mother should also be equipped with the following items: bed and breastfeeding when breastfeeding, some snacks to ensure energy for the body, some favorite leisure books, clothes to wear when they are home.

At the same time, let your husband or wife plan for a birth place or breastfeeding plan for the first 6 months. Do not let the water to the feet to dance is not up to the mother!

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