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Working Mom


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Working Mom

Women are extraordinary, and they are the superheroes of the world as they can do almost everything while making it look so easy. Women can wash, clean, take care of the entire family on their own (especially those who live in joint families) as well as giving birth. All these responsibilities double when the woman is a working lady and still make time to take care of everything on her own without ever asking for extra help. Being a working woman and taking care of the children can be very difficult as the woman can miss out on many important phases of their children. To help the working mom not be left out of their child’s ‘firsts’ and teenage, there are certain things she can do to ace it.

Some of them are Below:

Spend some time with the kids, even if it’s tucking them into bed and listening to their stories before the kids going to sleep. The kids crave little parts in a relationship like bedtime stories, having their parents listen to their talks which make no sense.

As a working mom, women should know that they might not be able to attend all the parents’ related parties and meetings held in the child’s school. However, the best strategy for this is to let the kid know beforehand that you won’t be able to come and then make up for it later, so the child doesn’t feel neglected. Let the child know about your plans.

Give your child a certain amount of responsibility, so he doesn’t take your work for granted. The best outcome of this approach would be that the child would then realize the work that you do apart from taking care of the family and the child will understand your responsibilities. When you come home and have lots of work, ask your children for help. This will make you have your child-mother moments and makes the child more responsible.

When you come home, make sure that you don’t bring office work with yourself every day (Once in a while is fine). The more office calls you attend, or bring paperwork, etc. home, the less time you will have with your family and the more you will miss out. Try to let go of the unimportant office parties and spend that time with your children.

Mark a day every week where you will not do any office work, or any kinds of work and solely use that time (a whole day) to make your child feel loved. Check their school diary, bake cookies with them, and check their notebooks in case of teacher’s notes. Ask the children about how their life is going and not just listen to them, respond, and notice how comfortable or uncomfortable they are about a particular topic.

There is no such thing as work-life balance. You must listen to what feels right and ask yourself would you rather attend an office party or use that time and spend it with your children and family. Life is complicated because we make it like that. Children are loving human beings, and even if you spend 10 minutes with them, they will give you unconditional love.

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