5 Reasons Why Avocados Should Be a Part of Your and Your Baby’s Diet



Avocados Should Be a Part of Your and Your Baby’s Diet


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Avocados Should Be a Part of Your and Your Baby’s Diet

Avocados are very neutral in taste and anyone can be easily incorporate it into various meals without largely affecting the taste. The texture is easily digestible and edible to young babies who are just starting to eat proper food. You can easily grind, crush, mash, spread, or eat it as a whole, which further increases the number of ways it can become a part of everyone’s diet.


Here are some reasons why avocados should be a part of all people’s regular diet:

An Abundance of Antioxidants:

The first and foremost effect of eating antioxidant abundant avocados is because they improve eye health and development in young infants and babies, in addition to providing protection from weakening eyesight, macular degeneration, and cataracts in old age.

Moreover, avocados are excellent when it comes to aiding the absorption of antioxidants being taken in through the diet or foods.

Some important antioxidants they contain are lutein and zeaxanthin, which are essential for ensuring great eye health.

Possibly Reduce Chances of Cancer:

Although there is not much scientific proof of this, avocados may prove to reduce the chances of getting cancer.

However, we see this in lab-scale experiments that avocados definitely reduce the effects of chemotherapy in lymphocytes present in the human body. In addition to this, we see that avocados play a role in inhibiting prostate cancer growth when prostate cancer cells encounter avocado extracts.

Arthritis Pain Relief:

Avocados, when paired with soya bean oil, are able to lessen the pain caused by osteoarthritis.

There is no solid evidence when it comes to if avocados alone have this pain relieving effect on patients suffering from a certain kind of arthritis.

This possible bone pain-relieving effect can be extremely beneficial for women who are pregnant, especially if they suffer from calcium deficiency, back pain, and leg pain during their gestation period.

Avocados – A Weight Loss Friendly Food:

Avocados are fruits that are high in fiber and have an extremely low-calorie count. This is perfect for mothers who want to lose weight after giving birth or are trying to maintain their weight during their pregnancy.

You can eat Avocados very frequently, in place of other not-so-beneficial snacks such as chips, and other fried food or junk food, before, during, and after pregnancy.

Easily Incorporated into Any Diet:

Avocados are extremely healthy, and furthermore, they are exceptionally delicious and taste good when paired with a large variety of food.

You can add Avocados to salads and numerous other recipes such as smoothies and drinks or you can simply scoop them out by using a spoon and eat them as they are.

They are of a creamy, fatty, rich texture and can blend properly with other food materials.

It takes quite some time for an avocado to ripen adequately. When it is ripe, it feels much softer. The nutrients present in avocados are able to oxidize and make the green interior flesh turn brown once the skin is off. however, if you sprinkle lemon juice over the inside of the fruit, it significantly slows down the browning/oxidizing process.

You can make them into purees with other fruits such as banana and apples and other fruits to increase the nutritional value of a meal. This quality is especially important for babies who eat small portions at a certain time.

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