Most Common Dental Disorders in Atlanta



Dental Disorders


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Dental Disorders

Dental disorders are pretty common everywhere and Atlanta is not special. Over the years there is been a continuous increase in the number of people suffering from the various dental disorders. Dental disorders are not new because many people suffer from various dental disorders often. In Atlanta, people are suffering from various dental disorders which are making the life of people quite difficult. However, there are some common dental problems mostly found in the people of Atlanta.

Some Common Dental Problems in Atlanta


The cavity is a very common dental problem found in most of the people living in Atlanta. It is also the most common dental problem all over the world. In Atlanta especially the number of people suffering from the cavity is been continuously increasing. When people suffer from the tooth cavity they usually suffer a lot of pain and discomfort. In the recent times, most of the Drescher & Cohen Dentists reported various issues of tooth cavity among the local residents. The Fresher and Cohen dentists daily meet several new patients with the cavity problem.

Gum Bleeding:

Gum bleeding is yet another common problem in Atlanta. People who are suffering from the gum bleeding often suffer from severe pain and bad mouth odour. Gum bleeding is caused because of the loosening of the gums. This kind of bleeding often causes tooth decay as well which cause infection in other teethes as well. People infected with the gum bleeding are not able to eat or chew properly. Whenever they bite and put pressure on gums it causes blood to pour out of gums which creates gum infection. Gum bleeding is mostly caused because of lack of care of gums and improper brushing.

Teeth Decay:

Teeth decay is yet another common problem found in many people in Atlanta. Teeth decay is mainly caused by the cavity and infection. One of the best treatments for the teeth decay is the Root Canal Treatment. In the Root canal treatment, de gift insert the anti-cavity medicines and drugs inside the teeth by making a hole in the infected teeth using a sift drill. Root canal treatment often caused mild to minor pain to the person, but at the same time, it also provides great relief to the person. Root canal treatment is been done in more than thrice sitting and the patient has to visit the dentist regularly post-treatment for dental check-ups.

False Alignment of Teethes:

There are many people in Atlanta that are having the wrong alignment of teeth and because of that, they need to wear braces. Braces are one of the best ways to restore the alignment of teethes in a way that they look more arranged and regular. It often happens with the people that their front teethes are not properly aligned against their, therefore, their teeth tend to come out of their mouth which not only looks pretty wired, but people also have difficulty in eating. Braces are either made up of metal wires, ceramic, and plastic. The metal braces are most common these days and in this kind of braces, the front teethes are arranged with the help of a metal wire. Metal wire is inserted in the teeth brackets on the backside of the inner jawline. These days there are also available clear braces which are made of plastic and transparent. These braces fit well with the size of the front teeth and they are invisible.

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