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Baby Bump


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Pregnancy and giving birth to a baby is a blessing. However, the baby bump which stays after pregnancy is without a doubt, not a blessing and women despise it so much even though it is natural to have a baby bump. Even though your weight is almost back to your pre-baby phase, the baby bump is very much still there. Worry not! Countless ways can help you get rid of that baby bump without having to do on lengthy diets and exercises. Some simple exercises and eating habits can make your baby bump disappear.

Some of the ways to get rid of the baby bump are:

  • Stomach crunch– With bent knees and feet on the ground, lie down. Raise your head starting from the earliest stage and set your head back down. For best results, try to do this 20 times, twice. You should feel your abs moving upward in your body. Don’t go past this activity at first.
  • Eat green vegetables and a large number of fruits throughout the day. Do not forget that you have to feed your baby so it might not be a good idea to diet dramatically. Small portions of meals but large portions of fruits, fresh juices, avoid junk food. Try to avoid sugary and starchy foods like chocolates, cakes, etc. Eat food enrich with proteins, fiber.
  • Pelvic Tilt – This is another exercise you should do to get rid of your baby bump. You need to lie down and bend your knees. There should be a pillow or cushion under the hips and one between the knees. Your arms should be by your sides, and your feet should be placed horizontally. By staying in this position, breathe in, out, and attract your abs and tuck your pelvis under marginally, pressing your rump as you complete a Kegel.
  • Single-Leg Stretch–For this exercise, you need to lie down straight. Your knees should be bent, and leg should be parallel to the floor. Place a little towel over your thighs, clutch the closures and push against your thighs to make protection. Lift your head and bears and expand your left leg out as you breathe out. Shift legs and rehash, rotating legs for five reps and working up to 10.
  • Walk –one of the best ways to lose weight is by walking, running, jogging. It is vital that you don’t become lazy after giving birth to a baby but keep moving, doing household works and go out in fresh air for walks.

It requires a lot of time for the post-pregnancy body, to completely get better from pregnancy. However, you might look like you are half year pregnant, with a stomach that is soggier and fatter than you estimated. Tolerance will get you back your pre-pregnancy body. It takes almost nine months for the stomach muscles to extend to oblige a healthy child. Therefore, it is very reasonable to expect that the body will take its time for the muscles to tighten back to their pre-pregnancy shape and body.

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