How to Talk About Circumcision With Your Parents




Talk About Circumcision With Your Parents


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Talk About Circumcision With Your Parents

As a teen, are you finding it a tough challenge to talk to your parents about your decision to opt for the circumcision surgery? Well, there are no surprises there! In almost every American household teens and parents always struggle with a communication gap; in fact, this is right from the dawn of time. Such conflicts usually arise because once you reach your teenage years, you are ready to take control on your life and make your own decisions. Since these decisions conflict with what your parents actually want for you, you may uncover an irritating barrier between your parents and yourself.

The need to avoid conflicts is natural, however, when handling major health decisions such as an adult circumcision is something too crucial to managing all on your own as a teen. You will have to take the consent of your parents; after all, you want them to respect your decisions, especially regarding your health.

While they may not, ask you about your feelings or thoughts on circumcision while you were an infant, (a time when most people go through the procedure), it is only right for them to respect your decision now that you are nearing adulthood. In order to help you with this decision, you should consider some advice and information about how you can discuss your thoughts with your parents and family.

Why Is It Important to Discuss Circumcision as a Teen?

Important to Discuss Circumcision as a Teen

For several decades, circumcision has become a common surgical procedure for countless infants, for health and personal reasons. The act of performing a Circumcision Center surgery at the time of birth helps to ensure that the tissues can heal and grow quickly. Once you are a fully-grown adult, the time for healing can take a longer time, but male teens still stand a better chance to take the benefit of their continued maturation and growth.

At the time of birth in the United States, infant circumcision was a common practice. However, infant circumcision now has dropped, leaving so many adolescents wondering about the procedure, especially whether it may be a good choice for their health in the future or not. Unless you are a much older teen, the consent you need from your parents will mean you will have to discuss all the details properly. On the downside, talking about something so personal like a circumcision can be a difficult task, especially if your parents did not make the decision for you when you were an infant. They could have some specific reasons for not choosing the procedure when you were a baby.

When discussing a sensitive topic like this one, the best practice here is to control your temper. This could be quite a challenge for you, but having a well controlled; convincing argument will let your parents know that you are sure of your decision. It assures them that you feel confident in the decision you just made. They have to know that within just a few years, you will be ready to make other major decisions on your own. Doing it now will improve your chances of meeting with a successful recovery, without any complications.

Expressing Your Wishes:

Expressing Your Wishes

You should be honest and open with your parents; this is the best approach and sticks to a logical argument. Do not get angry, frustrated, or overly emotional. If the thought of circumcision is one that makes you feel conscious about your appearance, you should let your parents know. You can make use of statements, as “I feel embarrassed” to indicate your feeling and beliefs, but you should also inform them about the health benefits that tag along with your decision. For example, circumcision can help to keep problems like sexually transmitted diseases away, prevents balanitis, phimosis and other bacterial infections.

In addition, removal of the excess foreskin helps to ensure proper hygiene. You can tell them that your recovery phase will be a fast and easier one with less pain.

Accept Your Parent’s Decisions:

Accept Your Parent’s Decisions

Note that if your parents are still not happy with your argument, you should keep it cool. It could seem like it takes a long time, but then again, you always opt for the procedure when you are an adult. When at that stage, you can make your decisions on your own about your life and health.

Note that your teen years are not always easy and everything may seem more pressing and immediate. When you discuss your decision, you should know the facts and prepare for possible disagreements. Who knows, if you convince them well, you have a better chance and you can take the pressure off yourself. By taking your time to discuss your decision, you can stand a better chance at ensuring they accept your decision. Be mature about it and be direct.

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