10 Best Parenting Tips For Moms of Young Children




Best Parenting Tips For Moms of Young Children


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Raising your child is as easy as pie. It is the job which is most fulfilling and resolution for a parent partner or both. One thing that worries parents are that they can never be fully prepared for parenting not even after 3 or 4 kids, there is always something unconcluded.

They strive to make best decision that always supports their child. They also need help or the right direction, which could save them from crying over spilled milk.

After becoming a parent your life has a great divergence, but that divergence does not mean that your life has ruined apart or your life has no meaning other than your child’s need, NO.

The divergence in your life is just that your life has more responsibilities as what you bear in your bachelor life. Now you have to be a good person if you want your child to be a nice and independent person in life after.

You have to be a ROLE MODEL for your child. You have to change your visions to what visions you want your child to be cleared on.

There are ups and downs in life. That doesn’t mean that your life has no happiness now, although raising child means a heavy load of responsibilities you should have to keep that in mind that “one day you will get your life back.”

It seems to be encouraging but also remember it once, this period is over there will no more “rocking babies”, “bedtime stories”, “toddlers tantrums”, “cuddles on the couch” and all that things of your baby that make you smile or laugh or sometimes make you belly laugh after the whole stressing tough day.

There will be no more your misty eyes with lots of happiness seeing your child taking first step, saying first word, achieving first smallest success from school or what else you experience in this period. Parenting is difficult but doesn’t take it as a punishment. ENJOY THIS PERIOD.

Parenting is a multi-tasking job where not only you have hundreds of workers in a couple of hours, but you also have to make your personality calm and absorbing.

Many things make you frustrate or violent, but all you have to do is absorbing them to make your child’s personality calming in future. There are hundreds of things that changes in your parenting life all you need are to absorbs them in such a way that it not only be a prosperous act to your child but also for your own health.

Parenting Tips For a Mother of a Young Baby

There are some tips for a mother that can help her to be a good mom to her child. No one can guide you on how to raise your child, it’s what only you know better, beautiful. These tips help you for yourself to be less frustrated and more contented to achieve what you guide yourself.

You Cant be a SuperMom

You can’t be a super mom! Just set this on your mind. You neither have to be perfect nor have to be the one who could manage hundred different things in one time. You child needs your love your time, not your perfections.

If you want to be a mom who can give love and respect to her child with quality time, with the one who can handle all the home chores, with the one who works also and with the one whose husband has the most beautiful wife who gives proper time to him also.

It is impossible to do. Just go with the flow, do things which you can let your mind also have a break, it will help you to give love affectionally to your babies. Effect ion is all the baby needs.

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Prioritize a “TO-DO LIST”

Yeah sure you can’t be perfect making all the vast list of things in a day. This leads us to a great sorrow that we can’t even come up on our own expectations.

So there is a solution of this, don’t markup all the things to be done in a day, but mark it up for a week or month, then make your “TO-DO LIST” of a whole day giving each and every work its appropriate time.

Then the next thing is to add up some sort of short activity that gives you great mental health like reading, a cup of tea or coffee with full peace, taking a peaceful shower, or meeting any of your friends, etc. This will be a great help to your personality and making it possible to stay calm, and this calamity will surely affect the quality of time you give to your baby.

Be a Parent Not a Survivor

Authors of the book “THE WHOLE BRAIN CHILD” quoted:

“Instead of helping your child thrive, you spend most of your time just trying to survive.”

We are now just surviving in our “parenting a baby” period because we have surrounded our self with the problems we have. And now, we just want this period to overcome fast. This means that we are just acting like a survivor with our baby performing their duties.

You don’t have to survive this period but to enjoy this period making it memorable for you and your baby. Give time with your baby making a movie night, getting their favorite fast food for dinner or playing with them, no matter if you have to be a patient lying on couch with your baby being a doctor. If you want your child to be productive in future you have to open his mind wide today.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Moms

The comparison game is a dangerous trap though; it becomes fierce when it comes to the comparison of your parenting to other mothers. Every baby is different, and every mother is different even everyone raisings is different.

You are a mother to your child only you know what is good for him/her. Don’t stress upon your parenting; just do what you can do the highest for your child and his/her healthy.

Find Your Support Group

Although comparison is not good but doesn’t isolate yourself from world. Every person needs a loyal friend. A friend that helps and supports you in your needs. As a mother fined your mother friends they could be a great help in future.

They can give you any new information about parenting that you don’t know, maybe they are mother of more than one child so you can have a better guide, etc. try find out in your relatives your colony etc.

if you can’t find a better support there find you online mother friends and be in touch with them. It can take a lot of time but if you find good support it well worth your time spent.

Don’t be Shy to Ask For Help

Now a day’s our society promote SELF-RELIANCE, which is a good trait to obey but like in case of parenting, finding help is not a thing to be shy on. Asking for help to your spouse is one which is the most condolence act.

Moreover, although you can get the best for your child sometimes in some places you need guidance that your spouse also can’t give you so your support group could be a good option to ask help for.

Checking up on Your Home

Your stress level also boils out when you see you home so much disturbed. Your whole day passes picking up things after your kid.

Like picking and settling your kid’s toys. His/her old clothes are taking a vast place pointlessly. His/ her old carry in which he doesn’t lay now, his/her things messing around. So, it’s time to reshape your home.

It will surely don’t bother your baby not having some of his toys, his old carry or his things to be settled on. It just gives you a mental rest after having your home clean and sweet.

Give Your Routine a Life

Holding up things and tracing the same busy routine sometimes fed you up, resulting in your mood swings, aggression, harsh behavior, etc which would be so cruel to your baby. So, first give yourself some space.

Don’t hate your life, YOU HAVE THE BEST SPOUSE SUPPORT WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE “YOUR BABY,” A BLESSING. Don’t make your routine harder and faster with time but make it enjoyable to do your responsibilities with a smile on your face and calm in your head. Give your routine life don’t make it a DESERT.

Be Gentle to Yourself

You need yourself more than anyone else. Give time to yourself. Take a regular appointment to the salon, make you up to date. Being a mother doesn’t mean that your life is ended now. Make time to yourself. Give rest and peace to your head.

Value Your Mini Perfect Moments

Somewhere between your daily busy routine there are some perfect moments to enjoy in some most imperfect times. Worth that moment of your life, see and enjoy that moment with your baby to have some stories in future to talk about.

The moment when your baby does any hilarious act causing you a belly laugh, his/her brightest smile when he sees you. His/ her laughs when he/she play with you etc. there are moments which worth enjoying, stopping your daily works.

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