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Doing sex during the time of pregnancy can be a bit complicated, both emotionally and physically. Some women feel much more confident having sex while being pregnant, but others find it very difficult and repulsive for the baby. However, sex during pregnancy is completely safe, but there are certain positions that one cannot imply during pregnancy.

During the crucial weeks of pregnancy, the idea of having sex can sound a bit strange. But, if someone is feeling a bit aroused or wants to take the nine months trial to a whole new exciting level, sex won’t hurt the baby.

Still, the question remains, “How can one have sex during pregnancy?” Sex during pregnancy is only appropriate and safe with particular positions. Let’s discuss these positions.

Missionary Position

The missionary position is not just safe but also exciting for pregnant women. To avoid lying on your back, pick up some pillows and set them behind your back. This position is considered to be very healthy because it increases the blood flow to the uterus. The increase in blood flow directly indicates the birth of a happy baby, not to mention the orgasm.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

You are safest when you are on top, especially while you are pregnant. Being on top comes with a lot of benefits, you get to be the driver, and a lot of pressure gets released from your belly. You can control the temperament of lovemaking. But, if you need more action, just reverse the cowgirl position. Leaning onto your partner for extra support can be very helpful.


Spooning is always wonderful. Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities, and a lot of bodily sex is needed to get relief. Spooning is an ideal position for pregnant women. All you have to do is just lay yourself down and let your partner do the rest from behind. Your partner will have access to all the parts, including your belly, breasts, and your clitoris. This position is very soothing and relaxing for pregnant women.

Standing Position

Things shouldn’t always be limited to the bed. The standing position is best when you want your belly to not get in the way. With that being said, your belly can rest beside the wall if you feel a bit heavy. The good part about this position is that your partner can do all the work from behind and you both can enjoy an intimate moment with pleasure.

Floating Lotus Position

If you have been late for weeks, giving yourself a little bit of leisure time in the bathtub can be very helpful. It can be a bit stressful to be late, but you can enjoy this moment while being in the bathtub and having a sensual moment with your partner. Have your partner sit against the bathtub and you against them. You will feel weightless, and your belly will almost look invisible. On the safe side, be sure to set some towels on the ground because things can get a bit slippery with the floating lotus position.

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