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It is not important which place you choose to give birth; there are lots of different items that come in handy during the birthing process. Different birthing tools can help to make the delivery more comfortable.

To get a healthy and easy delivery, it is essential to keep exercising the birthing tools which will help you remain calm and comfortable during the delivery. Following are some of the top 10 must have birthing items that play a huge role in supporting the birthing positions for a woman.

Birthing Stool Position

It is very easy to find a birthing stool as they come in many different shapes, materials, and sizes. The ideal type of birthing stools is considered to be brown, small, and short; kind of like the structure of a moveable toilet.

Using a birthing stool is also easy; all you have to do blow air into the deflated stool and voila; you have yourself a comfy birthing stool. A birthing stool is helpful in so many ways for a pregnant woman; it can help in making the birthing position even more comfortable as the stool is designed that way.

Bed on All Fours

There are multiple people who believe that birthing beds should be placed in a bent way of giving birth. However, it is possible that the “laying on your back” position might not easy for every woman. To bare the contractions, you can flip your body and be on your hands and knees so that you can be able to move downwards or forwards easily to tolerate the pain.

With that being said, it is also important to do what feels right to your body.

Shower Handle for Squatting

Shower Handle for Squatting

It can be very relaxing to give birth in warm water, but it can also slow down the birthing process. On the other hand, it can also speed up the birthing process. According to a lot of mothers, giving birth in the shower is the most comfortable place to perform natural labor in. A lot of women prefer to give birth in bathing tubs because warm water is the place to be.

Chair for Kneeling

The best position is known for giving birth in a while, resting your head and arms on the chair. With the help of this position, your baby can be able to relax, and gravity will help to provide support to your baby while it is inside the womb.

When the upper part of your body is resting on the chair, you will be able to gather some energy to help push the baby out. Also, when the time comes, you can have your baby in this position, but be sure to ask your medical assistant to make sure if this position is safe for you or not. Birthing with the help of a chair can be easy for the doctors as well because they can hold the baby with comfort when it comes out.

Towel for The Back

When we talk about giving birth, it is a unique experience and does not match with any other. It is important to give birth in the most comfortable as the possible position you can find. When you are pushing, your position is very vital because it will affect your birthing. Some women are comfortable while giving birth on their backs, and some are comfortable in other positions. However, it does not matter what position you are in, if it helps you get the baby out, go for it.

The best way to support a back laboring is to put a towel there and let it reach to your feet. You have to hold the towel with your feet. This will help you in giving birth.

Bed for Standing

Make sure that you follow your body’s demands. If your body is comfortable in standing, then stand. When you are on your feet, lean your entire body on the bed and remain at your hip’s height. However, it does not always have to be a bed; you can use a dresser a desk or any other piece that provides you support to lean. This will pretty much do you good to help you while delivery.

Support for Leaning

If your doctor tells you to walk around the hospital’s hallways if you are not reaching your delivery time, then don’t be alarmed because that is a good thing. Walking up and down will help to speed the laboring process a bit. This will make the baby want to come out.

In this situation, it is best to have a partner, a supporter, or a doctor by your side. You can lean on the support during every contraction. This will not only give you strength, but it will also increase your birthing process.

Towel for Sitting

Just like a birthing stool, toilets are also considered to be the best kind of places to give birth. The toilet-using position is ideal for giving birth because this prepares your body for giving birth. One can be able to do the bowel actions properly.

As said above, the toilet is a very comfortable place to give birth. There are a lot of times when the baby comes out alongside the toilet. Also, be sure to quickly stand up so that your baby can fall into the hands of someone.

Pool for Child’s Pose

When giving birth in a pool, it is done on their backs. Again, if giving birth in a pool on your back gives you comfort, do it. Nothing is more important than a woman’s comfort in giving birth. Your body will tell you what you need and be sure to listen to it.

You can even be on your knees and hands to give birth in a pool, only if that position is comfortable for you. This will give comfort to your baby and will make it come out.

The Birth Pole

The birthing pole is known to be a very helpful tool for giving birth. There are many people who have no idea that birthing pools exist, but this tool is very helpful. If you like these tools, then before the delivery, make sure that your doctors have one.

One can use a birthing pole instead of a towel as well. It is very useful for providing confrontation, pressure and pulls to those areas where it is needed the most. It is best for active labor because the pain decreases when the woman focuses on pulling the birthing pole instead of the pushing.

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