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A pregnancy test lets you know if you are pregnant or not. Going into the “two-week trail” can be a little disturbing because the days seem to past like years. However, after 12 to 14 days, take your test and re-take it after two days, despite the results of the first test.

When taking pregnancy tests, it is very important to take a reliable and good quality test. The women who came before us didn’t receive their results as quickly as the women of today receive, all thanks to technology. On the other hand, knowing the right time to take a pregnancy time is not as easy as it sounds.

How does a Pregnancy Test Work?

The main purpose of a pregnancy test is to check whether if there is a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) present in your blood or urine when the fertilized egg gets attached to the woman’s uterus, which is when this hormone begins to develop.

On the other hand, this process is something that doesn’t always happen; it completely happens six days after fertilization. If you become pregnant, then the HCG levels start to increase rapidly – they become twice the size every 2 to 3 days.

The types of Pregnancy Tests

There are two main pregnancy tests:

  • Urine Tests
  • Blood Tests

Urine Tests:

Urine tests are very easy to perform. They can be done very conveniently at home or in a clinic. There are some special pregnancy tests which can help you detect the HCG on the exact day you missed your period. Home pregnancy tests are proved to be convenient, easy, and private.

Home pregnancy products come with instruction manuals. To get accurate results, it is suggested always to follow the instructions. Once you are done with the home-testing, you can visit your doctor to get further information on your results.

Blood Tests:

You cannot do blood tests at home, that is a fac. You have to visit the doctor to perform a blood test. If we compare the popularity of both of these test types, blood tests are preferred comparatively less. Everyone prefers a convenient home testing method.

However, blood tests are quicker to reveal results. After ovulation, blood tests can detect HCG after 6 -8 days, which is faster than a home pregnancy test.

Is there a Chance of Accuracy in Pregnancy Tests?

It is recommended to perform your home pregnancy test in the morning because that is your urine most consistent; the results will be more accurate that way.

It is proved that home pregnancy tests are 100% accurate. But, on the other hand, blood tests are more accurate than urine tests.

The accuracy of a home pregnancy test depends on the following:

  • How often and carefully you follow the instructions written on the manual.
  • When the ovulation process takes place and how soon the fertilization process takes place.
  • When you take the test after being pregnant.
  • The compassion of the home pregnancy test.

Ways to Avoid a False-Positive Pregnancy Test

If you want to avoid getting a false –false pregnancy test result, make sure to follow the following rules.

  • Make sure to test after ovulation – right after 12 to 14 days.
  • Once you took the test, retake it after two days. If your test rest was negative, then that means that your HCG didn’t really process to a certain level yet. If your test results were positive on the first take and negative at the second, then that can cause serious damage to your hormone, and it can lead to a chemical pregnancy.
  • The most important thing to consider while taking a pregnancy test is to make sure if the pregnancy test is of high quality or not.

Which type of Pregnancy Test is Most Suitable?

If you take your test right after the day you miss your period, it does not matter what type of test you prefer, the only thing that matters is that it is reliable.

However, if you are planning to perform early testing, then make sure to use a more sensitive type of test because you need to keep in mind that those tests that are taken before you miss your period are not very accurate.

Your chances of detecting a pregnancy test early will be because of a sensitive pregnancy test. On the other hand, sensitive pregnancy tests are not always correct.

Many women like to perform their pregnancy tests at home where they have privacy and can take all the time they need.

Taking a test at home is a much better idea than going to a doctor’s office and performing the whole procedure. The results are accurate from both test types, but one of them is less time consuming – blood tests.

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