The Facts over Fiction on Breast Augmentation in Atlanta



Breast Augmentation


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Breast Augmentation

Going under the knife for a breast augmentation is definitely one of the scariest feelings imaginable, and women who go through this will have an idea of how it feels or the number of questions that into mind. Before the surgery, it is imperative that you take your time and consult your surgeon, who should provide you with the necessary information available.


Nowadays, the truth is that there’s so much information available over the internet and navigating through it all may seem like a difficult task. Breast augmentation in Atlanta stands out as one of the most famous cosmetic surgeries and you will find so many women choosing it. On the downside, if you research online, you will find some irrelevant information. You will come across several myths and as you go through this article, it will debunk the common ones and inform you of the facts.

Myth 1: Silicone Breast Implants Rupture

When it comes to choosing breast implants, there’s a lot of debate on the safety of the silicone ones over saline. The reason behind this is that silicone implants have a chance of rupturing and leaking. Back in the 1990s, implants rupturing was something too dangerous, but now, with modern innovations, this is unlikely to happen since silicone gel that comes with these implants is much thicker and it doesn’t leak. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the FDA mark silicone breast implants, effective, and safe for use.

Myth 2: You Get “Fake” Breasts

For most women, their major concern when choosing breast implants is whether their breasts will have a natural or a fake look. This was something common in the old days, but today, modern innovations in breast augmentation at various clinics, such as Crispin Plastic Surgery gives rise to new implant technology that appears more advanced. Now breast implants look natural, especially if you choose a board certified surgeon. However, another factor that determines whether the implants will look natural is their size. You should choose an appropriate method for the placement and right size to ensure that your breast implants appear natural.

Going for a neutral size will give others the impression that your implants are real unless you tell them by yourself first.

Myth 3: Do Not Choose Saline Implants

Know that this isn’t a myth, but it is more of an opinion people have regarding saline implants. It all depends what you expect from the breast surgery and implants. So many women think that silicone implants give the breasts a more natural look compared to saline, whereas others prefer saline since surgeons place them in the breasts through smaller incisions. This means, that your surgeon will probably make small incisions, which should cause less visible scarring. To find out what option works best for you, make sure that you consult a board-certified surgeon, who would use the best technology, usually 3D technology to evaluate what size of breasts should be ideal for your figure.

Myth 4: Breast Augmentation is a Risky Procedure

Every surgery is a risky one, and definitely to a certain degree scary. However, you need to rest assured that breast augmentation has no more risks than other cosmetic surgeries. Regardless of whether you choose to go through a face lift or tummy tuck, each procedure has its own level of risks. If you have concerns, you should talk to your plastic surgeon and they will clear all your doubts to help reduce the risks. They will also guide you on when you should stop smoking, which should help with the recovery phase of the surgery.

Myth 5: The Recovery Period is long and Unbearable

When it comes to the recovery from any cosmetic surgery, this is never something easy; however, the recovery from breast augmentation is surprisingly easier and straightforward. In fact, some women also say that the recovery period is harder than when you go for the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Women say that after the surgery, they just experience little pain and it is easier to manage it with different painkillers, which surgeons often prescribe. For most people, the challenging aspect of the recovery is limiting their physical activity and allowing time for the healing of the incisions.

Myth 6: Breast Augmentation Doesn’t Allow Breastfeeding

After getting implants, some women say that they feel their milk production reduces when it’s time to breastfeed. Then again, others say the production of milk is normal. The best answer is to ensure that you consult your surgeon and choose the best implant, which should allow you to breastfeed well. Note that the incision type also affects breastfeeding, so you should consult your surgeon first.

Keep in mind that breast augmentation in Atlanta is a safe surgical procedure and you should rest assured that not all the myths you come across are all true, so you should consult your plastic surgeon first and conduct a thorough research on your own first.

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