How to Choose the Right Fur




Choose the Right Fur


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Choose the Right Fur

Oh! If only we could afford a fur for every occasion! If only we needn’t put so much thought before buying a fur! Wish if all wishes could come true! Alas! We can’t.

A good fur shop will flabbergast you with its wide range and exquisiteness. Yet, you must know your priorities well so that you don’t end up buying a futile piece of treasure. Here we try to outline a few guidelines to help you make the right fur purchase.


The Three Differences:

The three differences to consider before buying a fur:

  • Fur type: Of course, this had to top the list. Every fur is distinct from the other. For example, you cannot ignore the fact that a mink fur is conspicuously different from a rabbit fur.
  • The prices: The prices of fur garments may range from a few hundred dollars to the value of a luxury car.
  • Gender: Despite most furs being unisex, the preferences still get influenced by gender. For instance, most men appreciate the rugged furs like coyote and otter, whereas women prefer softer and silkier furs like a chinchilla.

Why are you Buying Fur?

Before buying a fur garment, ask yourself why you want to buy one. Do you want to use it extensively to save yourself from the cold in the polar region? Are you planning to go ice fishing in a fur coat? Or you wish to add fur fashion apparel in your wardrobe? Your fur buy will depend on your priority.

Priority 1: Warmth

If you are looking for ultra warmth, look for fur apparels with underfur. This short, delicate fur under the long, shiny guard hairs is the most protective layer in animals. Mink, coyote, chinchilla, beaver, marten, wolf, fox, and sheep fur are the best options to keep you warm. Steer clear of seal and cow furs because these beautiful furs have no underfur and function mostly as a leather garment. You can find an exquisite display of coats at The Fur and Leather Centre.

Priority 2: Dryness

If you expect your fur to withstand moisture, it’s crucial to choose one with long guard hairs that will protect the underfurs. Calf, cow, and seal furs might be good options since they are only guarding hairs sans underfur. However, if extra warmth is also a priority, go for caribou, beaver, marten, or muskrat. Their long, silky guard hairs with natural oils efficiently protect the underfurs against moisture absorption. Say no to chinchilla, rabbit, sheared, and plucked furs.

Priority 3: Toughness


Are you looking for fur apparel for extensive use? While furs are known for their delicateness, the furs with stronger guard hairs like mink, otter, beaver, raccoon, coyote, and marten are more durable than the rest. Rabbit and chinchilla furs are among the least durable ones.

Priority 4: Look

The fashion divas may have their eyes on the most ravishing piece of fur. Fox and mink furs will stand out in the crowd. For the hunks, spending on beaver, fisher, or coyote will make a better deal.

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