15 Educational Activities For Kids




15 Educational Activities For Kids


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One of the best ways to teach your kid about anything is through play. Kids love playing, and when they are taught something in a playful mood, he or she never forgets but include that learning in their lives easily.

Today we bring you some of those games that not only help them in becoming clever but also marks something about your parenting as well. These activities for kids are very helpful and educational.

Our Top 15 fun educational activities for kids are as Under:

1) Water Cycle Bag:

To play this water cycle in a bag activity, you will not need to be extra cautious. Kids will love the evaporation of water and its turning back into liquid. Things required for this activity are all those things which are already familiar to you or your kid.

2) Crystal Names:

You will need some Borax and pipe cleaners to enjoy this creative Crystal Names and letters. Kids love to spell letters, and this helps in their vocabulary.

3) Sky Blue Experiment:

If you want your kid to understand the sky is blue line more clearly than this little experiment will help you big time. The Sky Blue Experiment from Rookie Parenting is all you need when things required are minimum.

4) Crawling Colors:

Teaching children about color through coloring is perhaps the best way to make them learn about it. But Crawling Colors is the best fun activity as your child will understand the merging of primary color and creation of new colors.

5) Sand Volcano:

Learning how to make a Sand Volcano is the best way to have fun on the beach in the cool summer breeze.

6) Magnetic Slime:

Kids love slime. The way slime goes into their hand is magical. Now imagine what will happen when the slime is combined with magnets. The kids are going to get crazy for this Magnetic Slime.

7) Secret Code Activities:

Writing secret messages is the most exciting activity kids love because they are always having something secret going on with them. Simple Decoder will provide that fun where you and your kid can create ways of secret writing all day long and not get bored.

8) Spy Decoder:

Whether you kid loves secret writing or not, Spy Decoder will bring out the secret detective from within them.

9) Jewelry Coding:

Coding can be difficult not only for kids but elders feel the pressure as well but not with Code Their Names in Jewelry. Kids will love this game as they learn to code their names and other letters in jewelry.

10) LEGO Challenges:

Like LEGOS, now you can enjoy the LEGO Challenge Cards which will provide a different view about construction and building.

11) Paper Building Blocks:

You don’t always need those plastic blocks to build something. Get creative with your kid and try making Paper Building Blocks that will boost their confidence and widen their vision as well.

12) Straw Buildings:

Fun with straws is never-ending. While sipping on their favorite drink, they will also learn about how to get creative with straws and how Building with Straws can lead to interesting new constructive ideas.

13) Pom Pom Drop:

With the help of crayons and coffee cups, you can create this super fun and informative game of Pom Pom Drop game.

14) Egg Drop Challenge:

This is not just game, but it allows the kid to learn about the survival and how to protect things. Also, Egg Drop Challenge will guide them about how they can create something protective.

15) Exploding Boomerangs:

This game is more like the ninja star except Exploding Boomerangs are safe and harm-free. You will need craft sticks for this game, and that is it.

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