Can A Facelift In Atlanta Boost The Confidence of Your Teen?




Facelift In Atlanta Boost


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Facelift In Atlanta Boost

So parents today often worry about the choices they make regarding the skincare routine of their teenagers, especially when it comes down to their face. From enlarged pores to acne scars, the signs of hormonal imbalance, teenage age, and induced skin breakouts can show everywhere. Although acne is a condition people associate with their youth, all the scars pimples leave behind along with blackhead marks can make you appear older with time.

So many parents who have teens battling with acne scars wonder if the tightening effects of a facelift in Atlanta can work wonders to diminish the appearance of these scars. Although a facelift surgery is renowned for correcting various aging-related skin problems, much discussion surrounds how it can help reverse all the acne scars on the face. Can a facelift procedure actually help your teen’s face? Will it help to boost their confidence?

Does Tightening and Flattening Actually Help, Acne Scars in Teens?

A facelift procedure does a lot, but a common and noticeable change that it works is to help rejuvenate the skin and its appearance by tightening and flattening the skin. This helps to reduce the deep wrinkles that form as people age, along with the creases in the skin. Surgeons at Crispin Plastic Surgery accomplish this by trimming away the excess of the skin, leaving the skin appearing more smooth and youthful.

As a teen, if a skin has acne scars and large pores, you may notice that stretching your skin with your fingertips gently helps to smooth away the scars. Usually, this happens because of the skin’s surface tension as it pulls flatter. Most parents, however, wonder whether their facelift surgery should do the same or not, and whether it is a safe procedure for their teen or not.

Fortunately, the facelift surgery does help to smooth out acne scar, but the American Society of Plastic Surgeons notes that the results are not so obvious.  As the procedure takes place, the skin pulls away from its natural tension. Although excess skin removal takes place, the results just give a “pulled skin look.” In order to stay youthful and natural, this will mean keeping the larger pores and turning to some other methods to help improve your skin.

The intent of the facelift procedure is just to create some natural looking tautness in the skin. It is possible to improve mild acne scars with the facelift procedure. Even with deep-pitted scars of acne, the scars tend to scar down on the surface of the skin and they cannot stretch unless you opt for the facelift procedure.

Removal of Excess Skin:

Although tightening of the skin may not exactly deliver, the precise results you are hoping for, the physical removal of excess skin can actually help. During the procedure, all the skin and underlying tissue lift up and pull outward to a youthful and natural position. Excess skin removal then takes place from the outer edges before surgeons close the sutures. During the procedure, some surgeons say it helps to eliminate acne scarring completely. However, this depends on the degree of your sagging skin, where some of the scars leave the surface along with the excess skin. For all the answers to your questions, you will be able to get some personalized answers when you consult your physician face-to-face and certainly, it never hurts to ask anything that bothers you!

The Improvements to Expect from Your Teen’s Facelift:

Even though the facelift surgery may not treat your acne scars completely, several other ways are available regarding how this cosmetic procedure can help to improve the appearance of your skin and keep you appearing refreshed and younger.  Being a parent, you should also rest assured that the procedure is a safe one for your teen, provided you choose certified surgeons.

Improvements to Expect from Your Teen’s Facelift

The most prominent result of the facelift is that it helps to diminish all the aging wrinkles and fine lines, as well as the creases around the lower and midsection of the face. All patients with jowls, turkey neck and sagging skin can also see some dramatic improvements. You can discuss all the results of the procedure with your board certified plastic surgeon, who can further guide you about the benefits the cosmetic procedure has to offer teens.

Non-Surgical Ways to Improve Acne Scars:

Since you just went through the limitations of the facelift procedure when it comes to treating acne scars, you should also be aware of some other non-surgical treatments that can help to improve the appearance of your teen’s skin and minimize acne scars. Often, board-certified surgeons combine the facelift surgery to rejuvenate the skin completely, improve the texture and the appearance, or surgeons could use them alone.

Often, the non-surgical options in treatment that may help to diminish the acne scars appearance include treatment options like dermabrasion, chemical peels, and dermal fillers.

Explore Your Treatment Options:

As mentioned above, acne scars can turn out to be painful reminders for your teen in the future, of a time that was difficult for their skin to bear, especially in teenage years and in the early years of adulthood. Teens with mild to extreme acne scarring can notice some improvement in the texture of their sin and the appearance when they choose board-certified surgeons.

To learn more about the options in treatment to reduce the acne scar appearance right for your teen, you can schedule an initial consultation with experts.

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