Fur Coat Fashion: Understanding The Different Types Of Fur



Fur Coat Fashion


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Fur Coat Fashion

Looking for the most perfect fur coat? Are you looking for a style that is elegant, timeless and classic? Do you wish to own something that is the latest in fur trends? Or are you looking for a fur coat that can be worn casually?

If you prefer a coat that looks classic or traditional it’s best to best to choose fur colors like grey, brown, black or white. A fur coat with larger silhouettes guaranties a timeless and classic look. You can reserve such coats for special occasions like a wedding in winter, for an opera, a symphony or a formal dinner. If you wish to own coat that is latest in fur fashions look for one that has a modern cut or contemporary design.

Fur coats that are dyed colorfully would add a touch of modernity too. One of the biggest benefits of modern fur coats is that it can be worn for casual occasions. Do a thorough research to understand what type and style of coat would be the right choice for you.


Different Types of Fur Coats

Fox Fur Coats:

Fox fur usually comes in a wide variety of natural colors like red, white, silver and grey and colors can be added to it to create a different style. Fox fur is perfectly fluffy, soft, and much lighter in weight and it can be used on collars, wraps, and cuffs. Fox fur gives a warm look to your coat.

Coyote Fur Coats:

Compared to the other furs the fur of a coyote is much more affordable. The beautiful highlights on a coyote’s fur are one of its distinct features. Depending on the coyote’s origin the shades of its fur could be yellowish-grey, off-white or brownish-grey. This fur is perfect for different styles of coats, and to be used on the cuffs and collars.

Mink Fur Coats:

The fur of a mink is incredibly soft and has a texture that is lightweight. It is one of the most popular among the different kinds of furs. Mink fur coats are perfect for both casual style and a formal and elegant look but it’s mostly used as an evening wear. Compared to the other fur coats the durability of a mink fur coat is much higher and it can last for many years.

Rabbit Fur Coats:

Rabbit fur coats are extremely popular for being silky, soft in texture, lightweight, and affordable. This fur can be dyed using different colors and even sheared and altered to get a distinct and expensive look.

Sable Fur Coats:

Sable fur comes in two different types- Canadian and Russian. It is one of the rarest types of fur available and hence it’s the most expensive. A sable fur coat is luxurious in look and can be worn for a formal occasion.

Your perfect fur coat could be traditional or modern, mink, sable or fox, long or short. Once you have in mind the exact style that you wish to buy, you can check out the different types of fur coats available and buy one that matches your taste.

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