Simple Exercises During Pregnancy




Exercises During Pregnancy


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Simple Exercises During Pregnancy

Experts believe that when you’re pregnant, it’s important to keep moving. Lying in bed all day isn’t the solution if you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural process, not a sickness or an illness, no need for you to stay in bed all day. Exercise actually gives you more advantage of a better body and makes your delivery very easy. It doesn’t even have to be a proper schedule, but minimum half an hour a day could prove to be very fruitful. Here are a few simple exercises that you can do at home every day easily.


1) Walk:

Keep moving and don’t sit idly for a whole day. If you don’t feel like practicing your other exercises or you have only recently started, just move around the house. Walk lightly sometimes in the park. Just keep moving and let your muscles get strong. Remember to always wear comfortable shoes. Your knees and feet need all the support they can get.

2) Plié:

Stand straight at the back of a chair with your hands resting on the back of the chair and your feet in a straight safe position. Turn your toes and knees to an angle of 45 degrees from your things and bend down. With the help of the chair support yourself better and lift your torso up again, as you were at the starting position.

3) Thigh Stretch Exercise:

Lie down on your side on a comfortable yoga mat. Bend your forearm under your head to give it a support and place a cushion under your belly so there is no uneasiness. Keep your leg straight, while one leg is bent. With the straight leg, lift it up slowly and bring it down again to meet at your toes. Once you’ve done this for a few minutes for one side, turn and switch to the other side and repeat the process for the other leg.

4) Planks:

You might not be ready for this, thinking it would be dangerous but trust me, it isn’t and can be pretty fun as well. Lie down on your hands and knees keeping your feet straight, placed on the floor on your toes. Let your belly sag freely down and keep your back straight without letting it arch the slightest bit. With lifted knees, and in a straight position, you need to stay like this up to 1-2 breaths and work your planks for up to 6 breaths.

5) Weights:

Sit on a chair with your back up straight and your arms dangling on your sides. Get 5-9 pound weights in each hand and bend your elbows to form a ninety degree angle between your upper arm and lower arm. Stay in this position for a few seconds and bend your elbow up again to your shoulder, then back to 90 degrees and then down again to dangling arms. Repeat this for a few minutes.

6) Breathing Exercises:

Practice your breathing. Sit down on the floor and inhale, keep it in for 3 seconds then exhale. This not only will help fill your lungs with better, help you breathe properly during labor but also calm you down and make your day stress free.

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