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There are times when any couple who is trying to have a baby face this question. How to get pregnant and fast? When you are doing things correctly and not using any protection or prevention then how come you not getting pregnant.

Many thinks that it is because of some underlying medical conditions which are preventing them from having a baby while some think that they are not doing things properly. Some just keep on trying and hope for the positive result.

But is there a way which can possibly lead to pregnancy and that too quickly. Then the answer is yes. There are few things which you can keep in check and then when you try to conceive, chances are bright.

One thing you must know before you plan your pregnancy or when you feel ready for a baby, try to keep this thing in your mind that this is out of your control.

One literally has zero control over getting pregnant as any couple can get pregnant on their first month of trying while for some it can take much longer than they expected.

Fertility Window:

One of the most important things for women is to keep track of their periods. There is at least five to seven days window every month in which chances of you getting pregnant is high.

That fertility window has the maximum chances, and if you have the right amount of intercourse during that time, then your chances are high.

Probability of Pregnancy Days before ovulation
High O-1, O-2, O-3
Medium O, O-4
Low O-6, O-5, O+1

One should talk about these things with her partner and then try to hit at least one day if not daily in this fertility window as the chances of conception are highest.


A very common aid which we have always heard from our elders is that one should always keep a track about their ovulation. It is the period when you ovulate, and it says a lot about your fertility days.

You cannot track your cycle through some app as these period tracking apps work on general knowledge provided in clinics and these guidelines are pretty common.

What you need is to keep track of your cycle by yourself, and you can do that easily by following these few tips mentioned below.

  • Keep a check on your cervical mucus,
  • Basal body temperature often tells whether ovulation has happened or not,
  • You can do the ovulation test.
  • You must remember that for each woman, the cycle of menstruation is different. And to keep a track, one should follow her own cycle.

Birth Control:

Many of us usually take birth control to avoid getting pregnant. But when we feel that we are ready to have a baby, we stop taking that birth control and try having unsafe intercourse. But this not always results in good news. Ever wonder why?

The reason is that when we use special hormonal birth control such as pills, our hormonal balance is bound to get disturbed and when such happen it take time to get back in order. If you are planning for a baby, then the first thing you should do it leave the pill.

It will take some time for your hormones to get back in order. And keep trying safe intercourse. When you feel that you are fully ready for this than trying doing sex without any protection. Then chances are that you will be pregnant quick.

One must know that these pills disturb your cycle to the fullest and you experience synthetic periods. First, you have regularized your initial periods and then try for the conceiving. It can take time to remain patient and keep practicing till you are sure that your original periods have returned and then you can go for the big try.

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