What Are the Signs of Labor?




Signs of Labor


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There are many questions in our minds when we are expecting our first baby. Whoever we ask, they all answer in respect to their own experiences. But majorly no one usually satisfies us to the maximum.

So today I bring you an article in which all of your questions related to labor are going to be answered. So, let’s get started.

The Water Break:

As we usually see in movies, the water breaks scenes seem pretty authentic. But what is the reality? Is it really how it will happen? No. according to the doctors and nurses, the water break is not like you see on TV.

It usually is the last thing which happens after which the baby gets delivered. Only about 20% of the women face such a thing while 80% gets the hor when the baby is almost about to be delivered.

Another thing to keep in mind is the color of the water that leaks. If it is clear that it means that its fine but in case the color is green, yellow, brown or black, it means that the baby ad his or her first bowel movement inside the womb which is of very issue concern.

The Contractions:

Well according to the doctors and midwives, contractions usually differ from person to person. There is a time limit that you should keep in check before you reach for the doctor.

Time your contractions properly and note the intensity. Usually, when there is a 4-minute difference between contractions with almost 1 minute of intensity, that is the got to time.

Being Dilated:

Many women get dilated a few centimeters before time, and that is perfectly all right. It just shows that the progress is on and that you are heading in the right direction. You just cannot tell the time at what you will be having the baby, but all these contractions and dilution take you towards that. It is also perfectly all right if you are diluted and not in labor.

Mucus Plug:

Usually, people think that when mucus plug discharge starts, that is the contraction time. Well, this is not true. You can have the mucus plug even weeks before the birth.

It is only natural for the body to get prepared on its own for the delivery. It can be of a different color like nasal snot; it can even have a little bit of blood in it; the amount of discharge can increase gradually. All of these symptoms are normal.


You must keep this thing in your mind that your symptoms can vary from another person as your body differs from one another. Also, you must contact your doctor or midwife when you feel that the contractions have started.

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