Dealing with Morning Sickness



Morning Sickness


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Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a very beautiful experience that you go through but the horrifying episodes of morning sickness tend to give you a horrid scare. From vomiting and nausea to a series of mood swings, here are a few ways in which you can efficiently deal with your morning sickness.

Don’t Force Yourself To Work:

The day you feel sick, nauseous and unable to get up from the bed, do not force yourself to get ready for work. Call in sick and stay in because your body needs rest too to get used to a life that is now growing inside you. Relax, get a massage, eat and drink lots of fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

Sniff on A Lime:

Sniff on A Lime

When nausea or your sickness is about to set in, keep a lemon or any citrus fruit near your bedside table or lick it a few time, the scent and the taste are known to help with nausea and to make you feel better. Since morning sickness is most of the times associated with certain types of smells around the house of different foods etc. sniffing on a lime may help. You can even carry a bottle of lemon extracts or some rosemary in your bag for when you urgently need some while you’re out.

Let Yourself Be Heard:

Your pregnancy not only is going to change your life and your habits but also those around you. If you are not vocal enough about your needs, about what you’re feeling or how your husband’s certain perfume is making you sick, tell him. If you aren’t vocal it will only make things worse where you’ll keep getting sick and frustrated.

Keep Track:

Keep Track

If you get a little observant, you will notice that your morning sickness is not quite random. If you get nauseous or sick at the same time every morning, it might be a certain smell in your house or while your neighbors are cooking and that might be triggering your nausea. Estrogen heightens your ability to smell and since estrogen levels are the maximum during pregnancy, you can smell things that people around you can’t pretty easily. Track your sickness schedule and take all necessary steps to make yourself feel better.


This pretty much should be the first rule on your book, never let yourself stay thirsty and be dehydrated. Not only is it good for the condition you’re in but also the more dehydrated you are, the more nauseous you will get. Salty chips and crisps trigger thirst so you feel more need to drink water; some people even chew on ice chips.

Preferable Foods:

Find foods that work for you and foods that don’t. Give it a thorough time and check which foods make you sick, separate them from them from the foods that don’t. There really isn’t any proper set rule regarding which foods make you sick and which don’t since every person is different and every pregnancy is diverse in its own way. Take your time and sniff through all the things in your kitchen. Throw away the things making you sick and buy the ones you crave for.

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