How To Increase Breast Milk Supply





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Increase Breast Milk Supply

The biggest task of a mother who has recently born a baby is to feed her and hence the production of milk has to be sufficient. Majority of mothers worry about this aspect of their body. It is also obvious as less availability of milk may not help the baby to have sufficient food also.

When you are breastfeeding your child, you actually don’t know the amount of milk consumed by your child, hence you don’t know whether the production of milk in your body is sufficient or not. As you can count the ounces of milk consumed by a child from a feeding bottle, you know how much milk the child drinks. In case of breastfeeding, you have to keep the breast milk production level high so that your child can drink enough to fill its belly.

Breast milk is the only source of food for a newly born child for the first few months and it is the mother’s responsibility to keep the child healthy. Breast milk is a very powerful resource for nutrients, protein, energy and other elements which keep the child health and away from all diseases. The question which arises over here and in the minds of every mother is that, are they producing enough milk to feed their child? Let’s take a look at the factors affecting adequate milk supply and get the right amount of supply that can surely help every mother as well as the baby that depends on milk as the only food.


By this, you do not complement the supply of breast milk production. As a result, the demand keeps on increasing and without noticing this fact you just produce less amount of milk to breastfeed your child.

Feeding Bottles:

Well, these are helpful for feeding the child but not during the first few months. Bottles have a different process of sucking. The way a baby latches to the breast is much different from bottles which cause a problem for babies while feeding.

Feeding Schedule:

Every mother has to understand that this is not a job for which they need to follow a schedule. Breastfeeding is the way by which the child gets food to grow, fight diseases and become stronger. You have to feed the child whenever he or she is hungry.

Now, let’s take a look at how to know whether the milk supply is enough for breastfeeding your child or not. The more milk your child drinks, the more milk is produced in your breasts. It’s a simple theory for your body, with the increase in demand, supply automatically increases.

  • Nurse your baby as much as you can. Milk production will increase with the removal of milk. Nurse your baby constantly. The ounce of milk the baby drinks helps in producing more milk and keeping the baby healthy.
  • It is important for the mother to keep herself hydrated. If you are dehydrated then it will affect the milk production in your body.

You also need to add the items to your food that can keep you healthy and avoid spicy as well as fried items.

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