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Were you asleep lover before your belly comes out with a baby inside? Kiss those nights and now, be ready for the disturbed and stressful sleepovers with a baby rather inside your belly or even after when he came into the World.

Generally ladies in their first pregnancy in the first trimester get so much exhausted as they can’t have a blissful night with a quality sleep due to many problems and the disturbed sleeping postures.

Somehow, they manage to get better sleep in first trimester of pregnancy due to fewer problems and a complete excess to the right or left sides during sleep.

Sleeping Positions

The common postures which a pregnant lady has good access to are:

  1. Left-hand side position is more reliable to sleep on as compare to the right hand side as it helps in good blood circulation and breathing process.
  2. Or lying straight on your back can also give you good access to calm, but lying for a long period of time irritates you sometimes.
  3. Support of a pillow can be a good option also, using a soft pillow or specifically the pregnancy pillow supporting your back or positioned it between your legs helps you to have a comfortable night.
  4. You can rest on your recliner, your loveseat; this will be a good choice for rest.
  5. Sleeping with bent knees also reduces the pressure that causes backache normally.

Solutions To The Problems Which Causes Disturbed Sleep:

There are some difficulties faced by pregnant women during their sleep times, results in an uncomfortable night and awakens throughout the night. They are:

  1. Mostly the pregnant women face Heart Burnt during the night, which leads to the awakening of whole night. It can be resolved by stopping eating at least 4 hours before bedtime. And reduce your spicy, acidic or fried food habits.
  2. A common problem that the expecting lady faces is the Leg Cramps. It can be avoided by a simple stretching exercise and intake of good amount of fluids to make the muscles hydrated
  3. Taking blank snacks helps you to prevent nausea by constantly having a full stomach.
  4. A warm bath is the best thing to do before bed, as it gives you a calming restful sleep with a great break of anxiety.
  5. Simply pregnant women face the whole awakening problem; this leads to having a disturbed night with lots of stressful thoughts.
  6. A pregnancy Yoga and a good long quality message is the good option for pain and stress relieving therapy
  7. Normally women face disturbed sleep due to the pee problem, again, and again; this leads to the loss of sleep. It can be managed by taking your last fluid diet at least 2-3 hours before your bedtime and good to have a finale trip to bathroom before finale sleep attending time.
  8. Keep your windows open for good wind flow or switch on your air conditioners before sleeping because while sleeping, the blood rush to your skin and the high circulation and metabolism causes the body to warm up, which irritates you even, can cause loss of sleep.
  9. The whiff of relaxing scents also gives a good, desirable sleep, especially the lavender scent.
  10. Make your bed your comforting place where you sleep, cuddle, or have a good time with your partner.
  11. Simply if you are having a problem with blissful sleep you can concern your doctor; he will give you some sort of medication that will assure you of good sleep with full safety of baby’s life.


Sleep is the most important factor in especially pregnant women. Rest is all that can assure the healthy life of mother as well as baby.

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