How To Create a Moving Card Announcement That Your Friends and Family Will Love




How To Create a Moving Card Announcement That Your Friends and Family Will Love


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We definitely have to send a mail with the local Postal service to ensure we don’t miss a bill or sent cards after relocating. But we still have to announce to our family and friends that we are moving and most importantly share the new address. That sounds easy but creating a moving card announcement and reaching out to all your friends and family is the overwhelming bit of it. I know you are definitely wondering why sending emails can’t do the work. The fact is that emails can inadvertently end up in the junk mail box. Generic cards can as well get lost in the mail shuffle if it’s not archetypal. So, I’m here to help you create a moving card announcement that everybody will love.

Custom Magnets

It’s especially important to give your family and friends a reminder that will stick along for long. The only way to do this is to get custom magnets with the current address from a known site. The friends and family are likely to get free magnet to hold their take-out menus.

Create and Send Housewarming Party Invites From Your Phone

You will probably invite your friends and family to the new house for housewarming. But remember you need to send the best Housewarming party invites. I would recommend creating and sending such invites through the phone. In many instances, you need assistance in creating these invites. This means you need to search online for the best custom housewarming party invites.

Go for Printable Moving Announcements and Housewarming Invitations

Choose the cutest change of address cards from a reputable site. I specifically like printable cards because someone can keep them for as long as they want. Your parents or children probably wants to have a reminder for a historical movie. Besides designing the templates and cards, make sure they can be easily printed and can be framed.

The Color

The color of Moving card announcements is also very important. But now this depends on the recipient. If you want to send the cards to your daughter or parent, it’s advisable to choose cute little cards in Pink color. Boys, always choose Blue or yellow colors. Choose cards that have an insert where you can specifically invite people over to the housewarming party.


It’s advisable to go for Floral Moving announcement templates with pink flowers and green leafs surrounding the information you want to send. The cards can be easily customized with the name and the new address. Chose the templates that give you an opportunity to change the font and add additional texts. Some people equally choose to add stickers to brighten it up. Furthermore, you can print it and send it out to people.

Virtual Change of Address Cards

You absolutely want to change some time and trees with a virtual change of address cards. You can get free designs making it easy for you to add your name and the new address to it. With a virtual change of address cards, you can equally customize all the colors and the texts and the virtual envelope too. You have the chance of entering the email address of the person you want to send it to.

What to Include in Moving Announcement Cards

Changing address and moving from one city to the other can be very complicated. Now that you want all your family and friends to know you’ve moved, here are all the things you should put in your moving announcement cards.

The Names

Friends and Family probably know your name but there’s need to include your full name and the name you’re known by. This is very important to avoid any confusion. It’s also advisable to include the names of all the people if you are more than one person moving.

The Current and New Address

In most cases, your neighbors only know you as Mr. or Mrs. John from House number. G7. In this case, it’s very important to include all the information about your current address. After that, you can share your new address with them for future references.

The Moving Date

If you are just planning to move, you should also include the moving date. This is useful if you want to invite all the people to your housewarming party or wants them to know when you’ll be out.

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