Why I Love Peel and Stick Wallpaper for My Nursery




Why I Love Peel and Stick Wallpaper for My Nursery


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All parents dream of having a perfect nursery for their babies. Whether you are first-time parents or not, the enthusiasm for creating a nursery is always the same. Parents may choose a different variety of décor options for their nursery which include; peel and stick wallpaper or permanent decor. The choice depends on the preference of the parents. The kind of wallpaper used in the nursery determines the final look and how much time. Peel and stick nursery wallpaper is most preferred due to the following reasons;

It is easy and safe

Peel and stick wallpapers are among the easiest and quickest décor options for your nursery. The wallpaper does not require any special adhesive to install nor does it require you to have any prior technical knowledge. All you need to do is remove the panels by peeling them from a corner as you stick to your wall. The wallpaper which is made of odorless latex ink is non-toxic which makes it safe to be used in your baby’s nursery.

It is Flexible

Unlike the traditional wallpaper which can be a tiring process, peel and stick wallpapers is easy to remove and change allowing you to create a temporary bond with the surface. While nursery preparation is known to be an extremely delicate process that can overwhelm you, the availability of the peel and stick wallpapers can ease the process as it takes way less time than painting. Furthermore, there are a variety of colors and gender-neutral designs which makes it easy to decorate the nursery.

Requires few preparations

Other décor options such as paint require a lot of preparation ranging from the application of an undercoat to using various coats before the final paint is applied. Peel and stick wallpaper, on the other hand, requires very few preparation protocols before installation. So long as the application area is clean and dust-free, you are good to go.

Wipes are possible

Once installed, the wallpapers are bound to get dusty and look messy. This problem can be solved by wiping the wallpaper with a soft, damp cloth which will get the dust out of the way leaving the wall as good as new. Wiping the wallpaper with detergents is however not recommended as it may damage the wallpaper. The easy cleaning process ensures your baby is safe from respiratory diseases that could arise due to dust and other particles in the room.


Peel and stick wallpapers do not wear off easily due to the thick materials used in them. This means they are meant to last long and can be installed until when the need for a new one arises.

It gives you a bang for your buck

Peel and stick wallpapers can transform the overall look and feel of your nursery. Even with the availability of a beautiful crib, shelving, and prints, your nursery will not have the transformation offered by wallpaper. Furthermore, the peel-and-stick nursery wallpapers are designed to give your baby comfort and dreamy sleep.

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