10 Ways To Stay Connected With Kids While Travelling




Stay Connected With Kids While Travelling


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Stay Connected With Kids While Travelling

Travelling with kids might be a huge hassle for you, but it’s so much fun at the same time. After all, what is better than spending time with your loved ones? However, it often gets difficult for the parents to keep their children engaged in some positive activities while travelling, so they don’t get bored. Here are 10 ways to stay connected with your kids while travelling.

1) Ask Them To Help you Pack The Stuff:

Help you Pack The Stuff

While you’re off to a family trip, there is a lot of stuff to pack up. To keep your children engaged and interested in the trip, it’s important that you ask them to help you pack your things. This participation will keep them active.

2) Ask About Their Expectations:


When you are off to your destination, ask your children what to they hope about it. Ask them what have they expected the spot to be like, and raise curiosity by giving hints.

3) Talk To Them About The Destination:

About The Destination

After hearing what their expectations are, share some information about the location, that raises their interest. Talk about the famous things about the destination and make them more excited about it.

4) Ask Them To Count Landmarks:

Famous Landmarks
Image by Dreams Time

Tell your children about a few famous landmarks that they will be there in the way and ask them to count the ones that they have crossed.

5) Play Games:

Play Picnic Games

Play fun games with the kids while you are in the car. Games like rapid fire, I spy or spot the car are the best ones to keep your kids engaged.

6) Give Them A Personalized Trip Jar:

Picnic Ideas

Make personalized trip jars filled with notes and candies for the kids and ask them to take out one note and one candy after every specified period. You can mention a quote or any small activity to do, in the notes.

7) Story Books:

Story Books

Take a few story books with you and read your kid’s nice stories while you are travelling. Children can never say “no” to stories.

8) Make Them Laugh:

Make Them Laugh

Share some funny experiences from your life, or some nice jokes that can make your children laugh and keep them occupied. You should also encourage them to share their favorite jokes or stories with everyone.

9) Give Them A Notebook and a Pencil To Draw:

A Notebook and a Pencil To Draw

Give your children a notebook and a pencil, or some color pencils and tell them that they have to draw the spots that they like the most while travelling, on the notebook.

10) Set Rules and Rewards:

Set Rules and Rewards

Set rules for the children while they are travelling and tell them that there are rewards for the ones who behave nicely and complete all the activities that you have asked them to do. The rewards can be some snacks, or little toys – whatever your children like.

Dealing with children while travelling seems hard when you think about it, but it actually is pretty easy and fun if you deal with them smartly. Make sure to keep yourself calm and stay connected with your kids.

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